About vex

VEX is a robotics competition from 4th grade to University with a game that changes every year. Our teams compete in the University level which allows custom manufacturing and 3-d printing, as well as the AI version where the robots are completely self sufficient for two minutes.

The Game

Spin Up is played on a 12"x12" field where teams will build two robots to score discs into high and low goals, and within the closing 10 seconds of the match robots expand and race to cover up the most tiles on the field for additional points.

2021-2022 Tipping Point

Tipping Point was a game in which teams were to collect mobile goals with posts on them and utilize small purple rings to score points by placing rings on posts. Additionally, teams were to score more points if they were to use their respective balances on either side by placing goals and/or robots upon them, while also keeping the whole balance level. This year the club had two VEXU entrants, WHOOP and HAZMA7, with both qualifying for the World Championship that year in Dallas, TX. WHOOP additionally won the Excellence, Skills, and Tournament Champion awards at the Texas State Championship, something that has not been done since the 2018-2019 season.

2020-2021 Change up

Change Up was a game in which teams were to shoot balls into baskets to create rows in a tic tac toe fashion. Team WHOOP found lots of success despite the limitations caused by the pandemic. The team placed very high at the VEXU World Championship in Greenville, TX, and ranked as the team with the highest score out of Texas.

2019-2020 Tower Takeover

Tower Takeover was a game in which teams were created self-standing towers utilizing blocks that were to be strategically placed around the field. Additionally, teams could place blocks in raised podiums to increase the point amount dependent upon what block was placed in the podium. Team WHOOP was very successful during the beginning of the season, as many prototypes and ideas came to life. The team competed at the Texas state championship in which they qualified for the World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky. However, the season was cut short as the pandemic caused the cancellation of the World Championship that year.

2018-2019 Turning point

Turning Point was a game in which robots were to toggle flags by shooting balls at them to correspond with their respective alliance color. In addition to the flags, teams could utilize caps as they could be flipped to their alliance color and lifted onto posts to gain points. In the last few seconds, teams could drive up platforms to gain extra points in a match. Team WHOOP was heavily successful this season as they competed in the Texas state championship, and obtained the majority of the awards that were offered. They qualified and competed within the World Championship held in Louisville, Kentucky, and placed 13th in their division.