President: Aaron Quigg

Aaron is a senior mechatronics major who first started doing robotics in 8th grade where he was exposed to VEX. From VEX he started doing FRC in 2011 and hasn't stopped since.

Treasurer: Bryce Prucha

Bryce is an Electrical Engineer for the class of 2024! He's an outdoor aficionado and loves robotics. He's done VEX all throughout high school, and joined the team when he entered A&M.

VEXU Lead: Humzah Mirza

Humzah is a Mechanical Engineering major for the class of 2023! He's out resident car-nut and loves to talk your ear off about them. Currently, he has roughly 9 years of robotics experience with VEX being 7 of them. He also mentors multiple high school teams with Houde in the Greater Houston Area.

VEXU Vice-Lead: Houde Cai

Houde is a Mechanical Engineering major for the class of 2024! He is a master in making complex mechanisms work without a hitch and loves to mess around with anything that has a mechanical action. He has 6 years of VEX experience and mentors high school teams in the Greater Houston Area with Humzah.

Sumobots: Joshua Billman

Joshua is an Electrical Engineering major for the class of 2023! If you have an issue with something electrical, he's your guy! From 3-D printers, to custom PCs, Joshua has experimented with them all.