About Us:

Aggie Robotics is a student organization at Texas A&M university comprised of highly dedicated students with a passion for robotics. Starting as a small group of friends meeting in a dorm room, we have quickly grown to provide Aggies of all majors experience working on robotics projects. 

Currently our organization participates in a variety of robotics oriented programs. We volunteer at robotics educational events, participate and host robotics competitions, and provide workshops to help students thrive with robotics. 



"To have fun and make something we're proud of"

This mission statement represents the desires of the members our VEX team, WHOOP. As a team, we value the development of our students above all else. Our university has six core values, Respect, Excellence, Leadership, Integrity, Loyalty, and Selfless Service. By focusing on making a robot that we’re proud of and having fun as a team we believe that we can exemplify these ideals. To have pride in our product, we strive to present work that exemplifies Excellence and Integrity. As a project to have fun with, we are dedicated to each other with Loyalty and Respect. We are an entirely student Lead team built upon a foundation of Selfless Service to one another.


Brawl Bots is a low cost-self paced engineering program developed by Aggie Robotics. It is designed to expose students to a wide variety of topics in a easy and approachable way. Some of the topics covered include Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems, and simple DC Circuits.



Robots Done Quick is a non-profit robotics challenge that we participate in through our partnership with the non-profit Robots Done Quick. The objective of the challenge is to design a robot capable of competing in the current year's FIRST Robotics Competition in under a week. This culminates in the Week Negative Six event where we demonstrate our robot to High School students across the globe.  

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